Grammy Award winning producer, mixer and engineer.

Dom works out of his beautiful Oxfordshire studio, The Flint Barn.

(Just drive up the M40 until it all gets green, then take a left).

Equipment List


  • Neve 8816 line mixer and monitor controller

  • Neumann KH310A pair

  • Yamaha NS10M Studio pair w/Bryston amp

  • Grado SR325 headphones

  • Sony MDR7506 headphones


  • SSL X-Rack w/ E-Series & Super-Analogue EQs and Compressors

  • Inward Connections Vac-Rac TSL-3 Tube Limiter

  • Overstayer Stereo VCA Compressor

  • Summit DCL-200 Stereo Compressor

  • Summit TLA-100A Compressor

  • dbx 165 Compressor

  • dbx 162 Stereo Compressor

  • Empirical Labs Fatso Jr

  • BAE 500-series rack with Cartec Fe-Q5 EQ (x2), Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph, Purple Audio Action (x2), Inward Connections Bad Boy Compressor, DIYRE EQP5, CAPI LC25 EQ

  • Millenia NSEQ-2 Twin Topology Stereo EQ

  • Seryus Stereo Bus Compressor

  • Wunder Audio PAFour mic pres

  • Telefunken V72 mic pres in POM audio design custom enclosure


  • Schoeps CMC6 w/cardiod capsule

  • Pearlman TM-1

  • Royer 121

  • Audix i5

  • Aston Origin (x2)

  • Mic&Mod U87 clone

  • Shure 520DX bullet


  • Large modular synth with eurorack, Macbeth, Wiard, Buchla, Serge, Modcan and many more

  • Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

  • Waldorf Blofeld

  • Wurlitzer EP200 blonde

  • Seil Orchestra II

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • Peavey 6505 amp and cab

  • Mandolin

  • Indian harmonium

  • Pedal collection with Strymon Blue Sky, Watkins Copicat, Boss CE-1, Electro-harmonix Small Stone, HAZ Mutron III+, ProCo Rat, ProCo Brat, Diamond Tremolo, Korg Toneworks G4, Eventide H9 Max

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